3 Things Around Your House You Didn’t Know Required Regular Maintenance

Everyone knows that certain things require regular maintenance — things like changing your oil or swapping out your air filters. However, you probably have parts of your home you didn’t realize needed regular maintenance. To make sure you’re taking proper care of your home, add these three items to your chore list. 

1. Maintain Your Sidewalk

Many people assume concrete sidewalks and driveways are a one-and-done deal until they get broken up over the years and need replacing. This is not the case — you can prolong the life of your concrete with a sealer. Since weather is what beats up your concrete the most, apply a sealer annually. If your concrete pavers Pittsburgh PA are cracked and damaged, you can use a resurfacer to make repairs instead of getting a completely new slab. 

2. Clean Your Refrigerator Drip Pan

Many people don’t even know what a refrigerator drip pan is, let alone that they have one that needs cleaning. This water tray is designed to catch condensation, and if left unchecked, it can become a nasty mess indeed. Aim to clean this quarterly with an all-purpose cleaner.

3. Wash Your Dishwasher 

It seems almost silly to think your dishwasher would even need washing, but think of it like your sink or bathtub — sure, they too get filled with hot, soapy water, but those still need regular cleaning. Your dishwasher is no different. While you may not need to clean your washer as regularly as those other water receptacles, don’t let it fall off your list completely. This will not only help your dishwasher run more efficiently, but it help prevent unwanted odors. 

You likely have other items around your house that may need more regular upkeep than you recognized. Regular maintenance is designed to protect your investments, and the idea is that you can spend a little time and money now to prevent larger hassles and expenses later. Now go grab some gloves and look under your fridge for that drip pan.