3 Things Every Swimming Pool Needs

If you’re a homeowner looking to make a splash with outdoor entertaining, consider installing a swimming pool. It’s the ideal backyard addition to make an impact at all your barbecues, cookouts and parties. Before you can dive in and enjoy the good times, however, there are some important features that should accompany all swimming pools. Here are three that should top your list.


Keeping the water in your swimming pool clean is an essential part of pool ownership. Sanitizer helps eradicate bacteria and other harmful microbes, prevents the growth and spread of algae and ensures you and your guests don’t get sick by swimming in polluted water.

Chlorine is one of the most popular sanitizers, but its use needs to be closely monitored. Employing too much of it can throw your water’s pH level out of balance, so get in the habit of regularly performing water testing Pittsburgh to ensure your pool environment is safe.


Pools should be a place for fun, but without adequate fencing, they can be the stuff of nightmares. Of the nearly 800 children who drown each year, the majority are younger than 5 years old. At that age, children have an increased risk of drowning in pools, especially when there is no fence present to keep them from accidentally tripping, stumbling or running into the water.

Safety Equipment

You never know when accidents will happen so make sure your pool is stocked with safety equipment that includes a shepherd’s crook, ring buoys, life vests and a first aid kit. Posting a list of pool rules helps remind swimmers about important safety restrictions against running, diving and pushing. You should also ensure that all family members are trained in proper CPR techniques.

A swimming pool is a great place to have fun in the sun. Make it a safe space by keeping these three items on hand.