3 Tips For Working With An Interior Designer When Redecorating Your Home

If you don’t have a particularly creative or cohesive mind when it comes to interior design and decor, you might find yourself in desperate need of a little assistance when it comes time for you to decorate your home. So if you’re ready to make some changes but you don’t know how, what, or where, here are three tips for working with an interior designer to help you redecorate your home exactly to your liking.  

Match Their Style To Yours

When finding an interior designer to work with, one of the first things you’ll want to seek out is someone who has a similar design style to yours. However, many people may not initially know what their preferred design style is. 

If this sounds like you, Lisa Frederick, a contributor to Houzz.com, recommends that you look through some of the previous work that the designer has done. When you find one who has consistent work that you’d like to see replicated in your own home, you can then feel confident that your design styles match and that you’ll be happy with the end result that you get from working with their particular designer. Be careful, however, if you choose to hire someone who has done some projects that you really dislike, as they might have a hard time bringing the best design aesthetic out of you for your own project.  

Figure Out The Billing

Aside from trusting your interior designer to give you the best possible redecoration for your home, the next most important thing to get hammered out when starting to work with an interior designer is how the billing will work for your project.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, billing for an interior designer is usually done hourly, as a percentage of the total costs for your project, or as a flat fee for the entire project. If one type of billing structure makes you feel uncomfortable, make sure you’re able to find a designer who’s willing to work with what billing style will be best for your situation. 

Be Ready To Make Decisions

Some may think that choosing to work with an interior designer means that they will no longer have to make the decisions about how their space will look. But despite having someone there to help guide you, Gabrielle Savoie, a contributor to MyDomaine.com, shares that designers still expect and need you to make decisions about your project. Knowing this, you should try your best to be decisive when it comes to stating what you like or dislike about items that may be placed within your home. 

If you’re wanting to work with an interior designer to assist you in redecorating your home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you get the best possible result from this partnership.