5 Key Tips to Get Your Property Ready to Sell

Do you want to sell your home? Don’t rush to put it up for sale. A few little tips can help you make a better impression on potential buyers and maybe even close a deal. Whether you go through a real estate agent or sell on your own, you will discover five tips in this article to sell your property in the best conditions and without it becoming a financial pit.

1. Clean Up Everything

Look at the apartment through the eyes of a buyer, not a person who has lived here for several years. Users on Britainreviews.co.uk said it was common for them to wipe down the mantelpiece and fan blades, polish the faucets and kitchen utensils, and clean the windows.

Wash the tub, let the taps shine, and the tiles will be free of streaks. Replace the shower curtain or take it off altogether; let it be better not to have it than to keep the old one hanging. If you have already packed out of the house and cannot maintain order, hire a cleaning company to clean every few weeks.

2. Choose an Efficient Real Estate Agency

Your agent will take care of the marketing, advertising, presentation of your property, get rid of all the chores: visits, administrative procedures, and fulfill the legal requirements of selling your property, and therefore saves you from wasting precious time, so choose carefully.

Potential agents will usually assess your property and provide you with a benchmarking analysis. Don’t be swayed by personal connections, as selling your home is strictly professional. Choose an agency with good visibility in the neighborhood and also look out for indoor furniture online reviews to have an idea of the price some household equipment such as furniture is sold.

You should avoid real estate agents who barely take the time to listen to you. You are paying for a service that must provide real added value.

3. Pay Attention to Smells

If you smoke in the apartment, or there are animals, be sure to ventilate the apartment before the arrival of potential buyers because fresh air will be more pleasant than the smell of tobacco. A real estate agent once said: “You shouldn’t fry bacon on the day the customers come. It smells delicious, of course, but the smell is so persistent that your house will smell like a roadside diner all day”.

4. Fix What is Broken

To prepare your property for sale, carry out the necessary repairs on it. Clean up and complete all outstanding maintenance and repair work and make sure your property looks its best inside and out. Be sure to consult with a real estate expert before making any significant changes to make sure they will pay off in any sale.

5. Prepare the Sales Contract

If you take care of the sale alone or using an intermediary, prepare a file with all the documents that the potential buyer will need: owner’s details, settlement dates invoices related to work; last minutes of general meetings of co-owners, all terms of the sale and what is included in the sale (e.g., rugs, furniture), as well as the zoning certificate and sewer diagrams, local and property taxes.

Many people believe that it is difficult to prepare an apartment for sale. This is not really true.  If you can follow the tips we have provided above, you are good to go.