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Fleas on cats and any other cat brings a lot of stress to the pet owner. It is a big relief to the family and to the pet if the best remedy can be found. Dogs and cats are commonly infested by fleas. So it is important to treat pets against fleas so as keep both the pet and the family safe and healthy. There are different kinds of flea medicine available in the market and therefore it is important to make the most appropriate pick. Before making the decision on which option to take it is necessary to learn about the available flea treatment plans available for use. There are three main types of flea treatment medicine namely. flea collars, flea orals, and tropical flea medicine.

The most original flea medicine in use since 1964 is the flea collars. They are still widely used are thought to be safe. There are arguments against the method although it is still widely used to control and treat the cats against fleas. They work by letting the medicine in bits a little at a time on the animal’s fur beginning from the neck where the collar is as it spreads further to the other parts of the part. It is worth noting that the areas away from the neck may be disadvantaged because they may not get enough of the chemical. That said, the flea collar medicine is really effective in dealing with tick bites on the head, ears, and neck where they mostly attack.

Flea tropical medicine came as a breakthrough in the fight against fleas infestation in pets. They are now very popular as evidenced by the presence of brands such as Frontline, Revolution, and Advantage. They have high effectiveness in fighting fleas on pets. When applied together with other treatments such as the methoprene,they are able to prevent the development of larvae into adult fleas in the environment apart from killing the fleas on the pet’s body. For first time use of the tropical medicine,it is advisable to seek the prescription of the vet office then after that,the pet owner can do restocking on his own.

Oral medicine comes in pills and in liquid form and the pet is made to swallow the medicine. The oral medicine gets inside and works outwards to deal with fleas. The oral flea treatment medicine has a way of forcing the fleas out of the fur of the pet. Even though the medicine last for a shorter period of time,it does a good job of eliminating the fleas once the oral pill or the liquid is fed to the pet.

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