Affordable Places to Look for Real Estate

Real estate prices have soared throughout the United States, but there are certain parts of the country where owning a single-family home is still a possibility. What are some of the most affordable places around the country where you can begin your search for your new house, especially if you are on a tight budget? Check out the list below to get started.

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South Dakota

Most people don’t think of South Dakota when they think of a place to move to from another part of the country. But the truth is that, living in South Dakota could be fun, affordable, and peaceful, whether you are in the market for an apartment or a single-family home. The largest industry there is agriculture. It is one of the least populated areas in the country, so there is plenty of outdoor space to enjoy. You might be able to finally find your dream property with loads of land to call your own, and it is a perfect place to be if you love being surrounded by Mother Nature. Plus, there are shops, museums, and plenty of history to take in every day.


Texas is a big state with plenty of different places to live, all offering access to the great outdoors, school choices for your kids, and plenty of job opportunities. Take El Paso as an example. The median price of a house listed there is under $200,000. Also, the median household income is a little over $40,000 annually, and the economy has been growing steadily since around 2010. So, if you want to settle into a place that is affordable and has a bright future, a city like El Paso in the state of Texas could be your best bet.

New York

New York City might be out of your price range, but there are other areas of New York State that you could call home if you are on a tight budget while searching for your new home. Syracuse is a great example of a city with loads of potential. Considered one of the best and most affordable places to live, Syracuse is a metro area in upstate New York, and the median income there is just under $50,000 annually. You could travel into Manhattan whenever you want, but you could also enjoy the many beautiful outdoor spaces that New York has to offer to its residents, as this area provides a wonderful balance of city and country life.


There are certain areas of Washington State that are surprisingly affordable. A great example is Longview, where the median household income is just under $40,000 per year. This means that you could enjoy the perks that come with living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest without having to break the bank.

With so many beautiful yet affordable places to live all over the country, you could look for your ideal place to call home, whether you are in the market for your first home or you are planning on upgrading or downsizing.