How To Become a Plumbing Inspector

Plumbing inspectors can use a variety of methods to evaluate the health of all sizes of water systems and can be employed by municipalities, private companies or themselves. Before deciding to pursue this career, it is important to know what training, equipment and supplies are required for the job. One of the easiest ways to start your career as an inspector is to get a job in a related trade. This can help you earn any certifications or degrees needed while training in the equipment and techniques at work.

Training and Education

The training and education requirements, licenses and certifications for a plumbing or public works inspector may vary by location. Most jobs require a high school diploma or equivalent education. Related experience as a licensed plumber or a technical degree can help with this career. Training in the specific equipment and supplies used, such as a hydrostatic or smoke pump tester unit, is essential to this career as a solid working knowledge of necessary mechanical units leads to more accurate results.

Equipment and Supplies

In addition to tester pumps, a plumbing inspector will need access to equipment and supplies commonly found on construction sites such as safety gear, checklists and work vehicles. He or she will also need the hardware and software involved in mapping out systems, monitoring pressure and reporting test results. When you work with an established utility or inspection company, the equipment and supplies will usually be furnished for you, but striking out on your own may mean having your own testers, crew and supplies.

Becoming a plumbing inspector can be easier than you think. With the right educational foundation, you can find certification and licensing programs offered by your state or municipality and can train on the systems and equipment used by working in related trades. You can even work with established companies or be hired by the municipality or utility company in question to avoid buying all of your own equipment and supplies for the job.