Is a 3 Bedroom Apartment Right For You?

When looking for an apartment, you want to be sure that your living space is large enough for your needs — and in some cases, you may need more room than you think. Not sure if you need something as large as the 3 bedroom apartments in forest hills? Here are three ways to know if you do.

Your Family May Be Growing

If you or your partner are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or hoping to adopt children in the near future, you’ll need a home with enough room for your growing family. This is especially important if you already have children or other family members living with you, as everyone will want to have their own personal space at home.

You Plan to Have Housemates

Whether you’re looking to make lifelong friends or hoping to share the cost of living, having a housemate means you’ll need the space to house them. A three bedroom unit is especially ideal if multiple housemates will be joining you, if you and your housemates need extra room for work or if you’d like a communal room for lounging or recreation.

You Need the Extra Space

Do you work remotely and need a home office? Does your active lifestyle demand the space for a home gym? Are you planning on regularly having guests spend the night? A three bedroom apartment will provide you with all the space to suit your needs. What’s more, having a unit this size is great if you decide to find a housemate or have children after you’ve already signed the lease.

Your home is your castle, and as such, it should be comfortable and spacious enough for your lifestyle. If any of these situations apply to you, it may be time to consider upsizing to an apartment that will fit your needs.