Is the Singapore Property Market Still a Safe Haven for Investors?

Singapore has for a long time been considered an excellent investment destination. However, with the political situations in The US as well as the Brexit crisis, one would be forgiven for being a little cautious.

The investment portfolio of Singapore has not changed much. In fact, in 2018, properties in Singapore recorded price increases. This clearly indicates that the happenings in the US and the UK did not discourage investors from seizing investment opportunities in Singapore.

Reasons Why Investors Make a Beeline for Singapore

There are a few reasons why investors prefer to invest heavily in Singapore.

Political Stability

Any investor worth his/her salt knows that a good political atmosphere is good for business. Singapore is known to be a stable well-grounded country. There is very little likelihood of having property taken over by the government. In the same breath, civil unrest is unheard of there. Therefore, you can rule out damage to property.

Strong Currency

The Monetary Authority of Singapore which is equivalent to the central bank has an approach that favours investment. They do not mess around with the strength of the currency by increasing supply via the printing of more money. This ensures that the Singapore dollar is always strong.

Housing Regulations

The government has measures in place to ensure that the quality of housing remains top notch. For instance, the size of the units is regulated to avoid complications in the future. The goal is to make sure that houses in Singapore, as well as the neighbourhoods, are habitable over the long term.

Market Stability

If you have not yet applied for your business visa in Singapore, this one reason may convince you to get on it pronto. The government of Singapore is serious about putting in place measure to sustain market stability. This is in order to prevent property from yo-yoing between safe and risky investment statuses as has happened in other countries.

Interest in investment in Singapore has been on the increase even during market uncertainty caused by upheavals in trade tensions and newly introduced markets. Investors continue to demand office assets in the country. Singapore remains a safe haven for investors and this reputation has done the country a lot of good.


Singapore is likely to sustain its reputation for a long time to come. It remains stable and demand for real estate remains constant. Nevertheless, it pays to apply caution with regard to rushing to buy property when there is a slump in the markets.

It is imperative that investors find out which properties benefits from the safe haven idea. Some of them are not included in this category. Properties such as conserved shophouses are included as they hold their value.

Also, you should be aware that safe haven properties cost more than the average buyer may be able to afford. However, there are some freehold properties that are friendlier to the wallet. These properties can be purchased and sold even by non-Singaporeans.


All in all, Singapore wants to have an investment climate that is attractive and stable so that it attracts more investors to the country. Also, the need to increase both the population as well as the Gross Domestic Product ensures that there is a perpetual demand for Singapore property.

Ultimately, the government’s determination to ascertain stability on housing aids in providing a stable market which is safe and attractive to investors.