Looking On The Bright Side of Shades

How Installing A Solar Shade Can Do Wonders For Your Home?

Whether you love it or hate it, but the windows of your house can easily complement your home interior or dcor while blocking the unwanted light, dust and other stuff entering into your room, if the right kind of window treatment is used. But, what if the window coverings or treatments help you block the glare, heat and harmful UV rays during hot summer, while providing natural light and privacy of the regular window treatments? Well, you can get rid of those tinted windows or other less usable options with the help of Solar Shades! Solar shades are widely used in commercial environments or places like retail stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals etc but in the last few years, it has become a new trend to use them in residential areas, specifically in kitchens, bedrooms and other places by providing great looking window treatments, while keeping unwanted heat or sunlight out of the room.

Money benefit

Economic benefits are the most pronounced advantages of solar shades. So, solar shades provide economic benefits all through the year.

Protection for sunrays

Continuous exposure to these rays can cause skin problems including cancer. In addition to the skin, your eyes also sustain damage due to exposure to UV rays.

Protect your interior furnishings

Solar sahdes increses the life of your furniture since in the long, you save money because you don’t need to replace the faded furnishings.

Easy to clean

Occasional cleaning is adequate to retain their efficiency but you should make it a point to prevent accumulation of dust and grime on them because dirt particles reduce the efficiency of sun block. So, you can enjoy a pest-free home by using solar shades.

High ROI

When it comes to solar shades, you only have to make a onetime investment on them and once done, they do not require further expenses in maintenance. You can get them custom made to suit your home and enjoy myriad benefits.

If you are renovating your home and planning to go for Solar Shades then do have a look at some of the hidden facts discussed below about it before buying it.


Well, these types of window coverings are generally mounted on the outer wall of your room or home and specifically in either east, south or west direction to give maximum benefit from it.


Woven solar shades offer ample benefits & great protection against sunlight & heat, but they are black so some people may feel uncomfortable with its appearance.

Moreover, these window shades also preserve the view and improve the privacy, if you don’t like people to get a view of your room or home.

These types of window coverings are more suitable for the office buildings or individual homes but, you can install it within your bedroom or media room, where you don’t want the sunlight or glare.

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