Six sensible questions for first-time buyers to ask

Buying your first house can be an exciting and daunting prospect, and the best way to make sure things run smoothly is to prepare adequately and ask the right questions before you dive in.

Why is the property on the market?

There are lots of reasons that someone might choose to sell a house, many of which are entirely legitimate.

However, if you do not think to ask why the current owner is upping sticks and moving on to greener pastures, you might be letting yourself in for a protracted and possibly disappointing buying experience.

Has the property undergone recent renovations or extensions?

Understanding the history of a house you are hoping to buy is vital. If you are looking to get a full homebuyers report Berkshire based providers like can help. You can also find some things out for yourself simply by asking the current owner.

Look into whether the property has been altered or adapted in any way inside and out in the recent past or whether there is potential for this in the future, as this will help you to shape your own plans.

Is parking available?

Not all properties have access to parking, while some have ample room for several vehicles. Before you rush in, check to see exactly where you can leave your car, whether it might be in a garage, a driveway, a residents’ parking zone or un-metered on-street bay.

Will you be beholden to other members of a house-buying chain?

The number of properties that are sold chain-free is fairly small in some areas, so be prepared to find out whether your purchase of a house is dependent on other people getting their act together and other sales going through smoothly.

What essential costs are involved?

There are a lot of expenses that are associated with buying a home, some of which can be minimised with careful planning, while others, like stamp duty, are unavoidable.

What bills apply?

For first-time buyers, one often-overlooked element is how much it will cost to keep the house up and running. This includes factors like heating, electricity and connectivity, as well as applicable council tax charges.

Are the neighbours nice?

A great home can be ruined by noisy, disruptive or otherwise unsuitable neighbours, so check on this to avoid upset.