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Kernow Furniture: Vintage Furniture Facts and Tips

Do you know the real essence of a vintage furniture? If furniture is aged between 30 to 100 years, it is considered as a vintage furniture, and those that are at least 100 years old are classified as antique furniture. The popular notion is that vintage furniture is simply as being “old”. Vintage furniture doesn’t need to have been manufactured by best-known companies or to belong in a famous line, as long as the furniture exhibit the characteristics of that particular era. Today, vintage furniture are less commonly seen because of many years that passed by, and even those that were mass-produced are rarely seen on auction houses.

For a sense of individuality and class, vintage furniture really stand out even in a room that is fully-furnished with new decorations. For decorating tips, vintage pieces can be a combination of different eras to achieve a harmonious and cohesive look or you can select one vintage era, such as mid-century modern. If you want to have a fine quality furniture but you cannot afford it, you can purchase vintage pieces than buying new furniture of the same quality. Purchasing a vintage piece of furniture makes you environmentally conscious because you save it from going to the landfill. The sources of vintage furniture include hand offs from older family members, edgy retail stores, online stores, estate sales, live auctions, and auction websites. When decorating your home with vintage furniture, you need to keep your home cleaner so you keep the furniture preserved. When applying finishing to your vintage furniture, it is important to avoid using paints or coatings that can mask their original look.

In order to preserve the beauty and elegance of your vintage furniture, you need to keep it waxed and clean all the time. Never use any spray cleaning agents to clean your antique or vintage furniture. Doing so will be leaving some residue, even those with lemon oil. Never use rough textured agents or cleaning products and feather dusters because broken feathers can scratch the surface of your vintage or antique furniture. When it comes to wax application, you need to apply high-quality wax for your vintage and antique furniture such as beeswax. Always use a soft cloth like cheesecloth when waxing. Applying wax should be thin, and avoid overdoing it. Furniture items come with metal ornamentation such as keyholes or brass knobs, and these should not be polished.

To find out more about vintage and antique furniture, feel free to check our website or homepage today. If you want a beautiful and elegant home, get your very own vintage or antique furniture now.

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