The Complete Guide on Renting a Property in Dubai

For expats, renting a property in the city might be one of the biggest decisions that you will ever do. Having the right place to live in and spend most of your time in, must be something that you are sure of. In this kind of endeavor, you might need to consult with holiday home companies in Dubai so that you will get the best properties around the city and live in a neighborhood that’s right for you.

Actually, it doesn’t matter if you are an expat or not, as long as you are planning to move to a new home, you will need to find the best real estate companies in Dubai to help you. These companies can help you expedite the procedures and disburden you from all the stress that entails moving.

With all the rules and regulations that are now implemented in the real estate industry, you need to be prepared and be familiar with all the relevant things you need to know when it comes to renting a property in Dubai; which is why we created this simple guide before you rent your dream property.

Steps of while Renting a Property in Dubai:

Which Property to Rent

If you are renting a property in Dubai always keep in mind how long you are staying here? Here you will find 2 kind of property rental one is Short term rentals and other is long term rental if you are staying for 3 month or for the long time then better to look for long term property rentals. If you are staying for the short time in Dubai better to look for short term rentals Dubai. Renting apartment for short time saves a lot of your money and time as these apartments are available with fully furnished options.

Look for an agent

After Selecting Property type hire some property management company that will help you find the best properties. They will be the ones responsible for knowing what you truly need for a home, look for it around the city, give you flexible offers, and negotiate so that it suits your budget.

Arrange Viewings

Once your agent gives you a list of possible homes that you would like, you can arrange viewings so that you will be able to see it in person. You can go to property one after another, see if you like it or if it suits your budget. There is no rush in choosing which property you want to settle in. Take as much time as you need, be meticulous enough so that you will end up with the house that you truly want.

Make offers

Tell your agent if you have already chosen which property you want. Tell them your budget or your conditions in living there. Once decided, you and your agent can now make an offer – negotiate and do what you must to obtain the property.

Prepare documents

When you and the property owner have already agreed on the negotiation, you can now proceed to accumulate all the documents that you need like your passport copy, residency visa, and Emirates ID.


Signing the contract

Before you sign anything, make sure to read it properly first so that you will not miss anything written on it. If you have any questions regarding the contract, you can ask the landlord right away and you can settle it immediately.

It might seem a little bit hassle and stressful – but with the right kind of help and assistant, renting property will be a lot easier and even more fun. If you are planning to rent a property anytime soon, find the real estate companies in Dubai and you will be able to find the right home for you and your family!


If you are planning to rent a property anytime soon, find the best real estate companies in Dubai to help you consult with Property Renting.