Upgrades and Fixes to Make When You Decide to Stay in Your Home for Longer

At some point in homeownership, there comes a time when you have to decide if your home will be large enough for the foreseeable future or you need to trade up. If you make the decision to stick where you are, perhaps you have a few things you’d like to upgrade or fix that you’ve been putting off.

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Here are a few suggestions in case you’re short of ideas.

Getting a Better Cooling and Heating Installation

Maybe you’ve known that the heating wasn’t working well for some time and you’ve already had someone in to check it over? If they reported that it’s time to replace it, at that point, you know what needs to be done. A new heater and cooling setup are going to last many years and add to the value of the home too.

HVAC is very modern and warms up and cools down rooms extremely well. There are qualified HVAC engineers that can draw up the right system for any size of a residential home. Not every HVAC installation is the same. Some use HVAC units, ducting and other methods to move warmer or cooler air throughout the home. However, with chilled beams, this is another approach. It fits above the ceiling and lets cooler air fall after it cools and collects hot air when it rises back up. It’s an efficient system that’s especially good for homes in hotter environments.

Repainting All the Walls

Repainting the walls is a terrific opportunity to change the color scheme. One approach is to use calming hues, which are consistent throughout the house but with some subtle tweaks to distinguish one room from the next. Another idea is to plan different color schemes for every living space.

If you’ve got kids, they likely will want a say in how their room is decorated too. Always aim for something light and colorful because you want the light to reflect around the room (mirrors help with this too). If the paint shade is too dark, the room will look gloomy. So, consider color schemes carefully first and make them good for all seasons.

Repairing or Replacing the Windows

To make the home better insulated and more energy-efficient, it’s time to look at the windows. Whether the single- or double-glazing is newer or it’s just the window frames that are showing signs of age, it’s all worth inspecting.

Run a hand over the edge of the window frame to check for any existing drafts. Look very closely at older windows that used putty on the frame to seal them. The putty could have become so old that it’s flaking off and no longer provides a good seal. If you find some air leaks, you’ll need to rope caulk to seal up any gaps or cracks that you discover. Also, use shrink film over the entire window frame to prevent future drafts.

Look over your home with a keen eye to spot areas that need some work. There’s bound to be a few areas that you’ve been skipping over up until now. Make a list and get started!