Home Remodeling Tips For The Elderly

Aging means that you may start needing a little more out of your home.  Your home should be the safest, most comfortable place for you in the world, and there are plenty of options for creating a more accommodating environment as you age.  

If you’re looking to prepare for the next stage in your life by making your home a more adaptable place to reside, look no further for the information you’ll need to get started.  

Take a few moments to read through these home remodeling tips for the elderly, and consider what your home needs to keep pace with life.  

Falling is a more significant danger as you age

Your body isn’t quite as agile and quick to respond as you enter the later years of your life, and uneven or unsteady flooring could cause a disaster.  Don’t place yourself at risk by neglecting what’s beneath your feet, and do some upgrading on your home’s floors.  

Get rid of loose or warped boards in your floors, and say goodbye to any area rugs.  Add slip-resistant flooring throughout your home as well to further reduce the risk of a slip or trip and fall. 

Make your home arthritis friendly

There is a lot to be gained from bringing in some extra help to support your independent living choices, but the power of change is ultimately in your court.  

Arthritis is one of the most common challenges faced by aging adults, and one of your home’s most painful challenges could be the door knobs.  Turning a doorknob isn’t fun when your hands are troubled with arthritis.  

Consider changing the hardware on your doors to a latch-style entry.  Pushing down on a lever is more manageable than palming and turning a traditional door knob.  

Bathing should be an enjoyable experience

Your bathing options may narrow as your body ages, but there are plenty of options for making your hygiene less of a challenge.  Try installing a walk-in shower with a seat.  Consider adding sturdy grab bars in strategic places around your bathrooms as well for added safety.  

Light the way to a safer home

Lighting is important inside any home, but it becomes more and more important to provide ample lighting in your home as you age.  

You need to be able to see where you’re stepping, so you don’t get yourself in a sticky situation.  Focus on lighting any stairways, bathrooms, and bedrooms, so the late nights aren’t quite as challenging.  

Landing spaces are always helpful

Landing spaces aren’t entirely specific to elderly preparations, but they are entirely useful.  Add tables or drop spots in strategic locations throughout your home to make it easier to set stuff down when your hands are full.