How to Pick the Perfect Decorative Rug

It’s important to make sure there is a stand-out item in your home that exudes a unique and powerful style that you can be proud of. Area rugs are a perfect way to create a unique look in your house without breaking the bank or needing to use valuable wall space. For first-time buyers interested in adding this flair to a room in their home, here are a few considerations.

Purchasing a New Rug

A new floor rug can be a long-lasting product if you are mindful of the durability of the materials used. Investing in a silk or wool rug will often ensure a long life and an easier time removing stains. When you are considering the size of your new rug, make sure that it is large enough to lay under all of your furniture. You can also make sure it covers the areas you will be walking on the most for optimal comfort.

Purchasing an Antique Rug

When looking for the perfect antique rug, a bit of detective work is generally necessary to make a quality purchase. Make sure you are working with a trusted and reputable dealer that can educate you on the age, condition and history of the rug. When looking for area rugs Atlanta GA, work with an experienced professional who can verify the antique item with confidence.

Maintaining and Repairing Your Rug

The best way to take care of your area rug is by cleaning consistently. Choose the appropriate vacuum setting to make sure you can lift the debris out of the rug without damaging it. You can also gently roll the edges of the rug to clean it from underneath. When repairing a rug with a major imperfection, make sure to invest in a quality provider who can help you maximize the life of your rug. This major investment deserves the time and care needed to make it last for decades and beyond.

When choosing a d├ęcor piece for your home, consider an area rug. Whether new or antique, your new floor covering is sure to make a statement.