How to Use Office Décor to Inspire Your Team

The space we work in plays a huge role in our overall mood and productivity. If you feel that your team has been less than inspired lately, maybe it’s time to spruce up the office. A comfortable, inviting atmosphere can make a huge impact on your team’s motivation and success – and therefore the success of your business.

Incorporate your business’ mission statement

Think about including an enlarged picture of your company’s mission statement and adding it to a common area of your office. When your team sees your business’ mission on display when they walk through or gather, it can be a very effective way to remind them of the values your business embodies.

Connect with local artists

Consumers and employees today care a lot about supporting their local communities. When it comes time to decorate or spruce up your workplace, consider supporting some local artists. Checkout galleries in your area and find artwork that fits with the rest of your office style.

Get creative with the furniture you choose

The younger generations of today want flexibility and collaboration. Gone are the days of cubicles and closed doors. Try getting creative with the furniture you choose. Select pieces like high back chairs that can be used for a little privacy, but also create a collaborative, comfortable space. In addition, try incorporating standing desks and couches to show employees their health and need for flexibility matters to you.

Incorporate your brand colors

Color matters a lot. Some colors inspire productivity, while others encourage calm and relaxation. Try incorporating your brand colors when choosing a color scheme for your space. It will not only uphold a consistent style throughout, but also reflect what you and your business are all about.

Use Dividers

The increased use of collaborative spaces does get a lot of work done while also building relationships. However, it also makes it hard when employees desire a little privacy and quiet. One way you can solve this problem – and still stick with open spaces – is by breaking up the room a bit with dividers. You can still maintain communication and collaboration, but also provide a little more privacy when employees need it.

Allow personalization

One great way to get your team involved and excited about being at the office is by letting them personalize their spaces. Everyone has their own taste and personal style when it comes to décor. Encourage your team to integrate any elements they feel will inspire them throughout the day. It might be something as simple as an inspirational quote or colorful planner.

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Author Bio: Melissa Rayner is the owner of Trader Boys, family owned since 1949 where you will find quality office chairs in Los Angeles. Melissa makes her home in California with her family, a large undisciplined garden and a growing number of incomplete knitting projects.