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Above all, and surprisingly, this dimension is underestimated in the debate on advanced self-organising cities. However, if we contemplate the significance of action in and for urban self-organisation, property can not however be an aspect indispensable for understanding the propensity of cities to develop spontaneously over time. This article first explores property patterns and their importance for self-organising cities. It then develops some concepts on tips on how to increase the capability of cities to depend on self-organisation.

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Those interested in leasing, buying or promoting sites are served by the Urban Environment Division, Land Property improvement and plots. This paper starts from the premise that urban morphology and process typology make use of a variety of totally different, more or less express, quasi-evolutionary conceptions of change. In specific the paper discusses the distinction between ontogenetic change and phylogenetic change. The additional argument is made that, as a tautological framework of …

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