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An informational notice from the City of Philadelphia about mattress bugs and landlord/tenant obligations. If you’re renting your property on a short-term foundation, via Airbnb or one other supplier, you comply with other special requirements for renting short-term. BIRT numbers are assigned by the Department of Revenue to identify tax accounts. You apply for your Commercial Activity License and BIRT on the same time. Look for properties in areas with larger common rent costs and lower vacancy rates to maximise your return.

Most landlords cost between $30-$50, however in really aggressive rental markets, some cost up to $100. Lenders sometimes have stricter guidelines when it comes to rental properties. Though you ought to buy a primary house with as little as 3% down, most debtors have to put down 15% to 20% to buy a rental property. Rental property mortgages have a better fee of default as a result of …

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