Home is not just home! It is a reflection of your personality. Who doesn’t love a stylish 2 BHK flat in Pune? Everyone likes to uplift the look of their home by making some simple to complex transformations. You don’t need to invest much on this transformation, with a little bit of creativity and patience you can transform your home into something completely mind-blowing, even on a small budget. Here are few tips which add instant glamour to your home with a small investment.

Creative living room

If you like to have an inviting living room then you should change the plain walls and consider adding life to your walls. You can choose a single piece bold or huge art piece to fit on the walls. You can also consider a wall sticker with stylish patterns and unique designs.

Consider replacing your old sofa covers and accessories with a completely new cushion covers and lampshades which sync with the wall and curtain colors. Beautiful wallpaper adds a cohesive look to your living room, so featuring a wallpaper in your living room wouldn’t be a bad option. Try different shades and unique pattern while choosing your wallpaper to create an inviting living room atmosphere.

Framed Mirrors on Flat Doors

Plain doors look outdated and very basic, you can add a stylish look to your doors by just adding framed mirrors to your doors and even to closet doors. Making framed mirrors on the closet doors don’t alone solve the purpose but also adds life to the room, because it creates an illusion of bigger sized rooms.

Add life to your outdated ceilings and ceiling fans

Have you ever thought of throwing your good conditioned ceiling fan just because it looks old? Then it’s high time to add life to it by just adding new colors and design.

Coloring your ceiling with fresh bright colors gives positive vibe and it can eliminate all the imperfections of your ceilings. By adding little bit of color to your ceiling and ceiling fan you can elevate the appearance of your home to new heights.

High curtains

Consider hanging high and wide curtains with more drapes, because it creates an illusion of taller sized room even though your window size is small.

Coloring your outdated frames

Accessories that can make your home look more attractive

The following ideas or accessories add more color to your interior decoration:

  • Consider painting your doors and windows with bright colors, because it adds fresh positive vibration and welcoming feel to the room.
  • You can add accessories like carpet to your living room floors, because the extra layer of rugs adds more look to your room. Consider choosing traditional vintage pattern rugs, you can never go wrong with this choice.
  • Adding flowers in your room that uplift the mood of the person staying and gives a positive vibe. You can purchase few beautiful and colorful vases to hold the flowers.
  • You can also try fitting new wall arts to light up the bare walls or you can also frame handmade arts like your paintings or sketches. Consider framing beautiful note cards which adds wonderful look and style to the walls.