Take a Pass On Holiday Entertainment Hassles this Season

The nature of my job means I work most holidays.  After all, when you work in television, you want eyes on the screen 24/7.  Keeping a station up and running means, someone always must be at the controls.  When the holidays roll around and friends and family come to town, I can’t always take time to escort them to the popular sights they might want to see and experience, but I’ve learned that they can purchase a CityPASS for Tampa Bay and strike out on their own.  Once they get their CityPASS, they can visit the attractions in the order they choose.   This way, they know what will fit into their schedule, make the arrangements to get there and in some cases, take an Uber or Lyft back to my house.

The first time I suggested this, I was met with opposition by friends who didn’t think it was fair to let my relatives wonder around without a point person to help them.  Now, they are suggesting CityPASS when they have friends in town, or they buy them when they go to a city that sells them.  They even use Groupon codes to get deals and the latest information on what CityPASS has to offer.  They love that they can skip standing in many of the long lines at amusement parks, and never miss a popular attraction because they didn’t buy tickets before the show sold out.  They can select age appropriate entertainment for their children, and lots of family fun for all.  Busch Gardens is a favorite of mine, but I’ve been there and done that so much, I can tell you, but I don’t’ want to show you.  That’s no problem with CityPASS.

So check out the CityPASS site and see if they offer passes in the locations you’ll visit this season.  Then, use one of the convenient Groupon promo codes to save money on the purchase of passes for the whole family.  You’ll save time – no running from ticket office to ticket kiosk trying to see the best show.  And you’ll save money – and you won’t have to be put on hold while some kid finds out what you need to know.  You can just tell the call is going to drop when that happens.