The Best Thai Resorts to Buy Property

The value of Thai real estate property has soared up quite a bit these days and it is only going to rise higher in the coming years. If you are an expat or a local who is thinking about buying property in Thailand, then know that you should not wait much longer as the prices are hiking upwards again after the slump of 2017. However, the value and the future prospect of real estate in Thailand varies quite widely, depending on where you are buying it, so which of the main Thai resorts should you consider investing in? Let’s try and find out as we discuss some of the main hot spots and their respective real estate scenes in brief next.

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One would be tempted claim that Phuket is, right now, the best place to invest in real estate for both business and pleasure. Once you take a look at the Phuket private villas for sale on Banyan Tree Residences, you will be inclined to agree as well. As long as someone is looking for luxurious villas with truly gorgeous interior décor, personal swimming pools and lots of living space, there is likely no better island in Thailand than Phuket to find them on. The best part is that unlike the capital city of Bangkok, the price of real estate in Phuket is not as unreasonable yet, even though the island is actually a comparatively more peaceful place to live in than the capital.

If you plan to buy more than just one villa and turn it into a major investment, there is serious money to be made here by either holding onto them for a few years and letting the price rise sky-high, or by simply renting the luxurious villas out to high-profile tourists and visitors that come by the thousands on the popular island of Phuket every year.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is the largest island in Thailand after Phuket, and the real estate market is pretty good here too. In fact, just like Phuket, the luxurious villas on Koh Samui are its chief attractions as well. If you are looking to buy primarily for living in the property, Koh Samui is a beautiful island that’s less populated by tourism than Phuket is.

Unfortunately, that is precisely why Koh Samui isn’t as lucrative to real estate investors at the moment. This is not to say that you cannot or should not invest in Koh Samui real estate, because there’s profit to be made there as well. Nonetheless, comparatively speaking, Phuket remains a more sensible choice, especially when you consider the fact that real estate of similar class costs significantly more in Koh Samui than it does in Phuket. In the long term, that might cut into your profits when you finally decide to sell off the property.

Hua Hin

A resort city and part of the Prachuap Khiri Khan province, there is no denying the appeal which the small seaside city of Hua Hin has, due to its low population and beautiful location. The catch is that if you are looking for a residential property here, it will be extremely costly and unfortunately, your place won’t exactly be as less crowded as you might think it would be!

While the city does indeed have a low and mostly sophisticated population, crowds from nearby Bangkok flood the city, especially during peak season and special occasions. Although this has definitely improved the real estate pricing related to local business ventures, the exclusivity of Hua Hin is greatly affected by it, which means that it isn’t as popular with high-end buyers as it was once. Additionally, theft is quite rampant in the city these days, which is somewhat rare on most other Thai islands.

Phuket is preferred by clever investors, mainly because of the fact that in addition to being a tourist hotspot, the provincial government supports real estate development on the island actively. That being said, depending on what your available financial resources and expectations are from buying a villa or any other property in Thailand, the preference might differ.