Tips to know before hiring a car

Renting a car has many accompanying benefits, including flexibility, while travelling across your destination and great value for money. However, if it’s your first time hiring a car, you might find it challenging and not know how to go about it. This article seeks to ensure that you get the most of your rental car experience. It offers some tips you need to know before hiring a car. One way to ensure that you get reliable rental companies is to use online review sites such as Below are important car hire tips.

Rent a car in advance

Particularly, if your travel is during peak season, it is always important to book your car before the trip. During peak seasons, the demand is high, which means that renting a car during this time will be expensive. However, a majority of car rental companies offer discounts when you rent your car in advance. You will therefore save lots of cash by renting in advance.

Research on any crossing border fee

Most rental car contracts will require that you pay extra if you’ll be crossing to another country with the car. In Europe, the normal practice by car rental companies is that, if you are travelling to any EU country, the car rental fee you’ve paid will cover the cost. However, if you travel to non-EU countries, then you’ll be charged extra for it. Always make sure that before your trips, you check the countries that your car rental company has allowed you to drive to. This will help ensure that you’ll not have to pay more for your trips

Know the available options

Ensure that you have a good understanding of the inclusions in your car hire company’s insurance. If this insurance has extra charges, it is better to go for a separate, more affordable policy to provide any excess coverage needed. If you’ll be hiring the car just for a short duration of time, the cheapest option to go for is the daily excess insurance policy. If you are hiring your car for over a year, then the best policy to go for is the annual policy. Check the terms of the policy before taking it, ensure it covers all areas of the car, including the windscreen, tyres and the rest.

Go for a manual transmission

One of the ways you can keep your car hiring cost down is going for manual transmission cars. If you are a traveller from Europe, a manual car might not be a problem as there still many manual cars in Europe. Meaning that you might be well versed with them. In the UK, rental car companies charge lesser for manual vehicles. Thus, if you are on a budget and used to manual cars, this is the ideal option.

Know your travel destination

Before renting a car, you should seek to know the transportation nature of the destination you are travelling to. If you are going for a weekend gate over or a short trip to huge cities like London, it is not advisable to go for the car rental option. Ensure that you carefully consider your travel destination and if the public transport option would be more efficient, go for it. If public transport isn’t reliable, then rent a car.

Drop off and Pick up Locations

A majority of car rental companies allow picking up a vehicle at one location and dropping it off at another or even in another country. This will be beneficial when you are, for instance, travelling across Europe and not returning back. This option, however, comes with an extra charge, and thus, if you are on a budget, it may not be the best option for you. Always consult with your car rental company to be sure of their terms as far as Drop-off and pick up locations are concerned.

Try using car hire brokers

Car hire brokers are often more knowledgeable when it comes to car renting and car rental companies. Car hire brokers will thus make price comparison much easier as on their sites, it’s possible to check for multiple companies all at once. Also, certain brokers get special deals with car rental companies. However, also be careful and know that brokers have diverse control levels over what the car rental companies in their database will sell you and may charge you more. Thus, go ahead and also research yourself.

In conclusion, renting a car, especially in foreign destinations, can be challenging. However, equipping oneself with some important tips will help make the process easier. This article offers these tips.