Top Five Benefits of Portable Garages

If you’re looking at options for installing or building a garage on your property, you might want to consider the advantages of adding a temporary structure. A portable car garage may be the better choice, as opposed to building a full, permanent structure. Here are just a few points to consider, before making your decision.

They’re Easy to Install

Giving the most obvious advantage first, consider everything involved in building a permanent garage. There’s the design of the garage, hiring contractors, applying for permits, and financing the project. A temporary garage, on the other hand, can usually be set up in minutes and requires just one or two people. Similarly, it can be taken down just as easily. The most difficult part is anchoring your portable garage to the ground, but even that doesn’t require excessive digging.

They’re Cost Efficient

A temporary car garage is also cheaper than a constructed garage, both in building the structure and in maintaining it. As previously mentioned, constructing a garage may involve financing to cover the various expenses. Once it’s built, there’s the cost of keeping it in good condition. A temporary garage is more easily maintained and, while the initial cost will vary, depending on style and size, they are considerably less expensive.

They’re Flexible

Certainly, most people invest in a temporary garage as a place to store their vehicles. They’re a cost-effective way to keep your cars and trucks protected against rain, high winds, and snow, as well as guarding them against vandalism and theft. However, they can be used for any conceivable reason. You might turn one into a workshop or a clubhouse for your children. They can also be used to store gardening and lawn care equipment. The use of your temporary garage is only limited by your imagination.

They Don’t Require Building Permits

Unlike a constructed garage, a portable unit is temporary and easily set up, so it doesn’t require a building permit. If you have ever had to have construction performed on your home, you know the headaches that come along with getting government approval for the project. In addition to extra fees and fines, the process can be very time consuming. You can skip all of that with a temporary garage. Just bring it home and set it up.

You Don’t Need to Build a Foundation

This can be a costly step in building a garage, but it’s not necessary with a portable car garage. You don’t even have to install anchors, though it is wise to do so. In choosing to anchor your portable structure, there are many choices available. You can install temporary or permanent anchors, depending on your needs. Of course, if you expect to need to move the garage in the future, permanent anchors may not be the best choice.
As you can see, there is just as much choice and variety in choosing a portable structure as in building a permanent garage. Best of all, you can install a temporary garage on a tight budget. If you want to upgrade to a permanent structure later, all you have to do is tear down the portable and move it out of the way.